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Link Robertson, Sales,
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iOS Links

The new iOS 5 Education Deployment Guide can be found here; very detailed, technical document for iPad/iOS deployment in K-12. (Essential read for managing iPads/iOS)

iPhone OS Enterprise Phone Support - Enterprise and Education Customers can call for Toll-free Enterprise Support from AppleCare - 877-571-0223 Hours: 7am-7pm central

Updating multiple iOS devices- The Canby schools Wiki is a great resource for updating iOS devices in bulk.

Apple Tune-In series - a daily free Webinar on topics for both teachers (on finding content) and IT Leaders (Deployments and Management)

This page is for "everything" Education. Many of the additional links and PDFs can be found a click or two from this link:

This page has, in addition to several technical videos, (at the bottom ; middle column) a great PDF around the basics for iTunes setup in the classroom, around the setup of iPod Touch carts. Much of this is also around best practices for your iPads.

Setting up an iTunes account without a credit card:

On the "Enterprise" and management side of things, here are some links around MDM solutions and options. There are many articles in your favorite tech magazine (like __this__ one), but here are a few that I have really found helpful:

__ (they have a constantly updated comparison of the MDM-iOS providers __here__)

Product feature requests and Feedback- Please visit and submit requests for features and functionality. This is very important to help us get the features you want into the products.

Apple Enterprise site and resources

Apple's Volume Licensing Program site